Empathy For Equity

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Empathy promotes inclusiveness.
Inclusiveness brings equity.

Our Mission

As a disability-owned business, Rangam puts employment for neurodivergent talent at the forefront of its strategic priorities.

We do this by adhering to our mantra of Empathy Drives Innovation, which not only brings creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to the workplace but also helps level the playing field for neurodivergent candidates in a fair and equitable way so they can be successful at work just like anyone else.

Diverse Workforce Programs

An enterprise-wide staffing solution, contingent staffing, payroll svcs, SOW.

Autism and disability hiring platform that facilitates the coordination and management of diverse hiring programs and brings them to life through digitizing the experience of attracting, onboarding, supporting and retaining qualified employees with autism and disabilities.

A veteran's employment program for transitioning military service members.

An employment portal for individuals with disabilities

Assessment, vocational and life skills training programs